Is it possible to be entertained in a museum? Well, it depends!


I am not really a lover of museums, however, for me Estonia has some very interesting KGB museums, one in Tallinn and an even more interesting on Tartu.

My boyfriend and I went to Tartu to get to know the 2nd largest city of Estonia. While there, we found that they have a KGB museum. The museum is completely real: it was used as a prison during the Soviet era.

The museum is underground, as you enter through a building that looks like a residential bulding and then you have to down two flights of stairs to reach the museum.

It seems that it is not very popular or at least when we went there were not many tourists or many people in it. In fact we believed we were alone. The only person we saw at first was a very kind lady who sold the tickets and invited us to tour the museum for ourselves.

We were happy! We went to walk around. The museum mostly consists of a series of jails, where KBG officials interrogated, tortured and imprisoned dozens of political prisoners. And inside the jails there are several things, some books, other beds, etc.

While we were concentrating on jails and exhibits, … a rumble sounded …. someone started screaming … I didn’t know who….it could have been Hitler or I do not know who! it felt so real, it felt like they were coming for us and then we heard shots! bang! bang! bang!! Oh my goodness … it felt so real. Holy Crap! They will kill us! We will be hacked to pieces! hahaha … I was so nervous that I went to the door to see if anyone came! I was in the door for few minutes before realizing it was a recording 🙂

It sounds a little bit silly but there are moments that you definitely remember and make for humorous stories to tell your friends.

In sum, I totally recommend that travellers visit Tallinn and, if they go to Tartu, they should definitely go to the KGM museum.

In my post Things to do in Tallinn I give you some ideas to enjoy the city Tallinn.

Cristina out.


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