Things to do in Tallinn


Estonia and its cities without a doubt have an interesting and a charming history to tell. Tallinn is a city that you must take in not for a day or a week but for a month or more.
My boyfriend and I were there for about 2 months and gradually fell in love with it.

Physically, Estonian people are like models and can make even the most self-confident person feel insecure about their looks. Estonians are distant but they are kind and respectful.

The days in the summer are long and precious but especially if you enjoy nature. One way to enjoy those long summer days is in wonderful Kadriorg Park. Tallinn’s winters, though, are cold and long.

Tallinn is a city that looks like fairy tale, totally walkable and economical.

There are some places thay I recommend everyone visit:

Tallinn Town Hall Square.
Tower Gorda Margarita.
Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky.
Walls and towers of Tallinn.
Kadriorg park.
KGB Museum at Viru Hotel.
Climb to the tower of the Church of San Olaf (5 euros to climb the tower – it’s not for those who are afraid of heights or claustrophibic).
Patarei Jail (approx 5 euros).
Gustav Caffe (Try Britta tort 1.65 Eur, Napoleon 1.65 Eur, Kakao 2.30 Eur and Cappuccino 2.10 Eur)

For Housing, you should look for a place on or close to Pronski Street. It is close to the Viru shopping center, 15 min from the old town, 15 min from the Kadriorg park. You can also stay in the old town, but it is a bit claustrophibic and is crawling with tourists and tourist shops.

I saw some hostels and the rooms were on average of 16 euros in shared room, Or you can to rent an apartment, it comes out at 1000 eur per month, of course it depends on how fancy you are!

I hope you can visit this charming place and enjoy it!

Cristina out.


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