How to Go to Oslo and Not Go Bankrupt in the Process…uh oh

Oslo is an amazing city, however, when you start to check the prices, your mind starts to question whether it’s worth going.   If you didn’t know, Oslo is one of the world’s twenty most expensive cities.  Maybe there is an explanation for this, but, after having spent five days there, sadly I don’t have it.  😦 Well, the prices are very high, but I think it’s still worth a visit, especially if you follow some of my tips below.  🙂

From my perspective, Oslo is a such beautiful city, very green, very nice architecture, very nice people and the people there are very well dressed.  The western side is especially beautiful and historic and full of restaurants and bars; the eastern side (around Gronland metro) is rougher.

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We were there for five days because the original idea was to go to both Oslo and Stavanger, however, train tickets were really expensive, approx US$400 for each one. It was out of our budget thus we decided to stay in Oslo the entire five days and enjoy the city.  But, I would say that 2 days in Oslo are enough.

Things to do?

  • Oslo Fjord (You can go by boat)
  • Akershus (It is like a castle with a military museum and parks)
  • Viking boats (Beautiful boats hand made for vikings)
  • Fram Museum  (It is a museum boat and you can enter and feel like a marine).
  • Fogner Park and Monolitten (After seeing this park I seriously think that they love naked people lol).
  • Oslo Opera (It is an amazing building where you can walk around it or you can buy a ticket and enter).
  • Ski Jump Holmenkollbakken (The view from there is really worth it ).

What to eat?

For starters, the service in Oslo is very good.  On our first day, we ate in a restaurant called Olivia the pizza and salmon were good and the servings were not big. The restaurant is located close to the water in the most fancy part of the city. A dinner for two cost approx 100 usd.

After experiencing sticker shock with the restaurant prices, we found a place with the most delicious hamburgers called Illegal Hamburgers!  I think we were there at least three times for dinner.  Each hamburger cost 13 usd and a beer 10 usd – but incredibly this is a bargain for Oslo! hahaha

As for lunch, I am a person who likes to watch people and see the behavior of others.  At our hotel, I noticed that people took many things from the breakfast buffet. So, of course I had a great idea and I started to make big sandwiches and wrap them carefully.

We had our picnic lunch every day! Fun! Isn’t it? 🙂

Where to sleep?

Surprisingly, Oslo does not have many new hotels.  Most of them look very old and are poor values for the price.  However, Grand Hotel looks very nice and sometimes the hotel has very good prices; check on or their website.

Radisson Blue had a very good buffet and is centrally-located; however, we didn’t like the rooms and the otherwise is the definition of mediocrity.

Things to know

  • Go to the ski jump – it is really worth it, you can do it for yourself by taking the subway. The trip until the ski jump is scenic as well, so try to be close the window.
  • The view from the ski jump is unbelievable, save your cam and enjoy it!
  • Always, always validate your subway ticket! If you don’t see the machine look for it because if you don’t validate the train ticket you will be subject to a fine and embarrassment!
  • If you want to travel by rail to Trompso, Stavanger or other destination, be sure to buy your train tickets as far in advance as possible.  Norway’s train tickets are insanely expensive, even by Western European standards, but the train company offers some discounts for advance purchases.  Don’t be like us! lol
  • Consider whether the Oslo Pass is worth it.  We chose not to buy it, but if you are going in summer, or if you like museums, it may be good purchase for you!

Enjoy every trip, every day and see my 8 tips for amazing travels.

Cristina out.





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