Riga, Riga, Riga…

During our trip to Europe we found that Eastern Europe is a great value and has very beautiful things to offer.

We were living in Tallinn for a while – by the way  you can check my post Things to do in Tallinn. So we decided to visit cities close to Tallinn, no more than 4 hours away and easy to access by bus or train.  We heard about Rigain Latvia and started our weekend trip there.

Oh Riga, Riga, Riga…. this charming city has a beautiful downtown and is located close to the river, giving to the city a special touch.  It makes you want to ride a bycicle and go around the city. It is a shame that i dont know how use a bike 😦  but I really wanted try it .

The architecture in Riga is very special and different.  The buildings there have different styles,  but many have faces engraved into the buildings.  For this reason, Riga is called “The city of thousand faces.” All those characteristics give to Riga a different look and a different air making this city very lovely.

The old town of Riga is on the eastern side of the city.  Riga has several bridges to the western side, but really (other than a striking library) there is not much to see in the way of tourist attractions.  Of course, you can see different neighborhoods on the western side, and you can walk on path close to the river and maybe go to the Riga letters and take a selfie lol.

If you have to make an appointment with your friends, remember this old clock is the most popular meeting point in Riga:


Riga is well known for its night life, many people enjoy hanging out, having drinks, dancing or even singing karaoke 🙂 wohooo.

After walking around the old town, we found Rock Cafe. It looked pretty good then we decided to enter and ate the beautiful hamburgers that you can see in the next picture (along with my boyfriend’s chin).  We also ordered 2 beers, 2 cocktails … and we had an appetizer too… just to give you an idea all of this cost only 30 Euros 🙂 .

(Please, don’t get drunk very fast! 😉 .)


Next day for lunch we had a thai curry in Thai Station restaurant.  Despite our initial doubts about the quality of asian food in Latvia, it was very yummy!  See for yourself below 🙂


After our delicious lunch, we walked around a bit before taking the bus back home.  On our walk, we learned some trivia: Did you know that the first Christmas tree in history was placed in Riga in the XV century?!  If you didn’t know it before, now you know it!


Anyway, Riga is part of the Baltic countries with many stories to tell, however in our opinion a stay for a weekend is enough.

Maybe you are wondering what things can you do there?  Well I have the following list:

  • The Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ
  • Walk across a bridge to the western side
  • Go to the Riga sign
  • Walk by foot or cycle through old town
  • Visit the Art Nouveau neighborhood – the architecture here is not to be missed!
  • Enjoy the parks
  • Enjoy the night life

However, if you want to spend more time in Riga for sure you’ll find more things to do in Latvia and with that I am not saying it is just parties hahaha.  You can visit beaches, go hiking in the forest, visit small towns or even experience chills and thrills in Sigulda park practicing bungee jumping, bobsledding or flying in the Aerodium wind tunnel.

Given that you have to rest or sleep sometimes :), I would to suggest the hotel Wellton Centrum Hotel and Spa.   This hotel offers a great value with very good service and is well located.

However whether you are traveling in a budget the city offers countless hostels with very good prices.  I was checking and found some from 9 Euros.

Enjoy every trip, every moment and be happy always and remember to see my 8 tips for amazing travels.

Cristina out.



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