Keep calm and talk like a Brit ..Of course in England!

After barely avoiding going broke in Oslo, thank God! (here you can read my post How to Go to Oslo and Not Go Bankrupt in the Process…uh oh), we decided to make our way to England!!!

You know my dear reader, right now the pound sterling is more affordable so we had to take advantage of that 😛 .

We arrived in Manchester.  Welcome to England!  Keep calm and talk like a Brit! Seriously? I was supposed to be intermediate level in English… but  I didn’t catch anything.  After all my awkward conversations I realized I am a beginner!  Welcome back to level A1. 😦

After the sad realization that I cannot talk like a Brit, I had a fantastic idea: I should take a english course!  Take it easy girl … with your visa you cannot do that. 😦 snif!snif!

Anyway, I don’t have many things to say about Manchester.  I can only recommend you eat indian food in Arnero restaurant.; it was very good.  And you can sleep in Holiday Inn city center – Picadilly.  It is a modern, reasonably-priced hotel and of course very well located. I don’t have many more tips because most of the time we were looking for an apartment and schools and quickly realized that we would rather stay in Liverpool.  Yeah, the city of the Beatles!!! wohooo!

Liverpool is awesome with a lot of nightlife, many restaurants, a big indoor/outdoor shopping mall (“Liverpool One”) and Albert Dock, which features the Tate Liverpool and a Beatles history museum. The Tate is a museum of modern art and is quite well known. That said, I didn’t like the Tate because the exhibitions were quite odd.  Basically there was garbage and other objects strewn about and I couldn’t understand the meaning nor I could I see the art in that. (Maybe you would punish me for what I said, sorry.) At least it was free hahaha.

Whether you agree with me about the Tate, undoubtedly I would recommend that you check out the nightlife in Liverpool.  Many people of all ages go out, both the young and the young at heart.  So you might be drinking or dancing with a college student or with a grandparent – awesome!  There are lights and music everywhere and plenty of awkward dancing.  Unfortunately, true to England’s reputation, sometimes some guys like to have fights… you know, a product of drinking a lot of beer.  Cheers!

After a great time in Liverpool our final destination was the city that could not be missed….

kaplan london storyboard-01

Opening hearts, awakening minds … I really do not know what London has, but it has something, it has something.

This city delights anyone, maybe it’s Big Ben or even the London Eye … probably it is the multuculturalism.

It was a shame that we couldn’t stay in London longer, but we took advantage of the short time that we had.  We took the tube to parliament, walked around the Thames and went on the London Eye, which while a tourist trap was still worth it.  Even the subway with its narrow trains, and the distinctive London taxis were different and special.

London is not a cheap city but it is worth losing yourself in its streets and sights at least once in a lifetime.  The city is magic, romantic and more special when your are with your love.  Love is in the air – lol.

Don’t forget: always be young at heart!

Enjoy every trip, every moment and be happy always and remember to see my 8 tips for amazing travels.

Cristina out.


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