Riding a bus in Croatia. Valar Morghulis!

Quickly, after our failed attempt to find an apartment in England, we unexpectedly decided to go to Croatia.  (By the way, you can read my adventurous post about our time in England: Keep calm and talk like a Brit ..Of course in England!.)

We arrived in Zagreb.  The most incredible thing is that, at immigration, they don’t ask you anything.  They just smile and give you a very warm welcome to the country. 🙂

If you didn’t know, Nikola Tesla is one of the most iconic scientists and inventors in Croatia and the Balkans.  That’s why you can find much artwork around the city devoted to Tesla, even graffiti.  For sure they are very proud of that; who would not be!

This trip started in Zagreb and we spent a long time there.  We rented an apartment and we had the opportunity to get to know the most friendly, attentive, lovely and dessert-loving couple.  The couple was the owners of the apartment, Maja and her husband Robert.  We shared desserts, wines and other social events, and my dear Maja also taught me how to make the bed and gave me some tips to keep the house organized and how to keep my boyfriend happy hahaha (It was very odd for me, I was wondering if she thought I was the housekeeping lol.)

Anyway, the capital of Croatia offers many things to do, such as visiting St. Mark’s church, Dolac Market, Zagreb Cathedral, Tkalčićeva Street (many restaurants here, I recommend Rocket Burger, US 5 each hamburger ), Mirogoj Cemetery and the shortest funicular in the world (at the top you can see Tesla graffiti and a view over Zagreb ). Also, you can visit Plitvice lakes; they are 2.30 hrs from Zagreb.

In addition, Zagreb in December is a very charming city with a lot of events, nightlife and many decorations around the city. (You can read more about Christmas in Zagreb in my post What did we get for Christmas? More pounds!).

The flat was rented for a few days to other people, so it was our excuse to visit “King’s landing” (Dubrovnik).  We took a flight for 40 USD  (Zagreb -> Dubrovnik).

Arriving at King’s Landing.

The sea in Dubrovnik is fantastic.  It is totally blue and transparent and you can see a lot of fish.  However, and you can criticize me for saying this, but over time Dubrovnik is increasingly becoming a big tourist trap because now it is very expensive and it is full of tourists, many from cruise ships.  Even in late October – when the weather was nice but windy -it was incredible how many tourists were there.  Without a doubt, Dubrovnik is a beautiful city but with so many tourists it is impossible to enjoy the city and I can not imagine how this place is in summer.  I am pretty sure it would be impossible to walk.

In addition, I was very disappointed because I was ready to greet everybody with “Valar Morghulis” and “Valar dohaeris”, but no one did it.  I was very sad.

Tip: If you go to Dubrovnik try to visit Kotor, there are many day trips and I think it’s a place that is worth visiting.

After spending a couple days in “Kings Landing,” we decided to visit an island called Hvar. To go to the island you need to take a ferry.  We arrived at the port a little bit early.  Although we had a long and boring wait for the boat, we met an Asian woman who wanted to take the same boat and who gave us a candy maybe to sweeten life. It was very kind of her.

Hvar is a small island and almost nobody was there, probably because it was the low season.  Terrific!  Maybe you can think we are not very sociable but it is very nice when you can walk relax, take selfies etc. without the need to stand in a long line for everything. Maybe I am selfish?! lol.

We had the island just for us! We walked and we took pictures (specifically, I took pictures and selfies lol).  Also, we thought about putting our feet in the water but it was better not to do it … maybe we would get frozen feet?  We are very wimpy! haha.

After a great time in Hvar, our next and final destination would be Split.  We were waiting for the ferry and the Asian woman reappeared like a ninja hahaha.  We just said hello and she very kindly came to me and gave me not candies but this time a small satchel of lavender.  Basically, the idea was to put the lavender inside my bag to avoid my bag getting a bad smell.  In my mind I was thinking… why is she giving me this gift?  Does my bag smell like poop?  But she was awesome!  So far I continue to wonder why I never talked to her and why she gave me these gifts?  She was alone so maybe it could have been good to make a new friend but I was very scared about using my bad English!  Sometimes we lose many opportunities due to fear.

We finally took the ferry and we reached Split! We were very lucky because we got a super deal on a hotel on Booking.com with massage and breakfast included for 2 days.  We were treated like kings, we received the best massage of our lives and the breakfast buffet was spectacular and we ate as if there was no tomorrow.  It is embarrassing to say this, but it was true! 😀

On the last day, we thought everything works in Europe and we are in a developed country so let’s go on an adventure and go by bus to Zagreb! Uh oh … when you buy tickets online, the website doesn’t allow you to choose a seat so when you arrive at the bus terminal the driver assigns you only the back seats. Unfortunately, the chairs do not have much space between them and they are quite uncomfortable especially when the 2 passengers in front of you are inclining their chairs and lie almost on you.

I didn’t mention that the bus does not have a bathroom and only stops after 3 hours, and the driver drove like crazy!  I just thought it was the driver’s way of warning all of us “I will kill you bitches”! hahaha.

Tip: if you aren’t a Games of Thrones follower, “Valar Morghulis” is a Braavosi greeting said in the High Valyrian language, which literally translates to “All men must die”.

Enjoy every trip, every moment and be happy always and remember to see my 8 tips for amazing travels.

Cristina out.


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