I Froze My Bum Off in Slovenia

In middle of all the adventures we had in Croatia (you can read my post Riding a bus in Croatia. Valar Morghulis!), we decided to go to Slovenia.

Don’t worry, I did not know where Slovenia was either. I’m pretty sure that I missed the class when the teacher explained where was Slovenia on the map haha – shame on me! uh oh.

We knew about this country because my boyfriend has a friend from there. Anyway, after doing some research I saw that Slovenia shared a border with Croatia, making it conveniently located for a visit.  Well, the distance between Zagreb and Ljubljana is about 2 hours by train. Besides, the train ticket was cheap. It cost 15 euros roundtrip but the good thing was the return ticket is open for a month.

We took the train in December; it was an old train but the seats were in a room like in the movies! We were like superstars! lol.

Arriving at Ljubljana.

My first impression was that they love graffiti because walls and even the trains were plastered with paint.  However, after our walk from the train station to the hotel, everything was improving. 🙂


Because we visited Ljubljana in December, the city looked fantastic with many lights around, music, the Christmas market and of course very cold weather.  I was freezing my butt!  But nothing that a hot chocolate couldn’t fix :), I thought. However, after asking for a hot chocolate in Ljubljana, you quickly realize that it can both heat you up and also leave you on the edge of a diabetic coma.  This “hot chocolate” is basically very sweet and melted chocolate in a big cup. (I believe that it would be better next time to ask for a wine bottle, at least if you don’t heat up, you can get drunk lol.)

In our time in Slovenia, we took advantage of the countryside and we decided to make some trips to Kranjska Gora.  We had our tour with Happy to Visit and also we had another tour with Viator to Predjama Castle, Postojna Cave, and Lake Bled.

What can I say, what a beautiful country! I totally fell in love with its mountains and very green countryside.  And it is perfect to ski of course if you know how. I don’t 😦

Anyway, Slovenia looks like a fairy tale, with air that is always fresh and unsurpassed landscapes. The best thing in Kranjska Gora is the Julian Alps.  In our tour of Kranjska Gora, we saw many lakes and mountains.  We were particularly lucky because our guide showed us fantastic places that she (supposedly . . . ) didn’t usually include on tours. For example, she showed us a small lake (I don’t remember the name, but it’s probably something unpronounceable like Kjgjeftrublitcica) that was very special because the water is very clear and you can see bubbles.  It is like it has some tiny volcanos. Also, she took us to see an antique church built by former Russian prisoners of war.

At the end, we went to have lunch at a local restaurant.  It was humble but the owner was very cute and attentive, and she tried to talk to us.  Unfortunately, we are very picky eaters and we didn’t eat everything.  When the owner realized that we left some food, she was very worried about it.  I felt like I had my mom at my side hahaha, but with such a lovely woman it was impossible for me not to eat.  I felt very guilty and, although I didn’t want to eat, I ate almost everything.  Poor me!  (My boyfriend felt no such shame and left most of his food untouched.  Men!)

The next day we visited Predjama Castle, which was built in a cave.  Awesome!  We took the tour in the castle with our guide who let us play with some antique war helmets like kids :). It was a shame we couldn’t use the swords.  😦

Also, we visited Postjona Cave. While we were on the tour, we were praying that no vampire would appear. Because you know my dear reader I didn’t want a vampire to suck all my blood and then I would become a damn zombie lol.

Finally, we visited Lake Bled; this lake is very charming with a lot of nature around. It is a magical place.  After seeing our guide all day, we escaped for a while (although we claimed that we wanted to eat lunch, we actually only wanted “me time”, I know it sounds very mean but a day trip was too much for us) and we walked around and we took some pictures.

Honestly, Slovenia is a country that is worth getting to know.  It is very beautiful and in summer it has many things to do. It is like going to Austria but cheaper. By the way, the spas are very popular so if you decide to go there you should include it in your plan. I am sure you deserve it! 🙂

My final tip: I suggest staying in Hotel Cubo and if you like Asian food and you want a good one I really recommend Shambala restaurant.

Don’t forget: stay away from the vampires!

Enjoy every trip, every moment and be happy always and remember to see my 8 tips for amazing travels.

Cristina out.


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