On Our Last Legs Walking Around Lisbon

Arriving at Lisbon, we discovered one of our bags was open and they destroyed the lock. Immediately, we went to the office next to the baggage claim, then over there filled out some documents and they told us that we had to call a specific phone number and then they would be picking up the bag and repairing it.

After the incident, we went outside the airport and hailed a taxi. No one helped us with the bags so our first impression was that people here are not friendly.  We put our baggage inside the taxi ourselves, specifically our 5 bags.  (Yes, I know!  We are over the top and that is not exactly traveling light. And, although you won’t believe me, my dear reader, it is my boyfriend’s fault lol.)

The trip between the airport and our apartment was approximately 30 minutes.  Then the taxi driver left us far away from the apartment because some roads in Lisbon are very narrow and are cobbled.  (Yeah! It was horrible to walk with 5 bags and to then notice that the building’s apartment had no elevator either. 😦  )

Anyway, we put everything inside the apartment and we went to walk around the city. On this walking tour, we realized that our apartment wasn’t well situated. First of all, we had to go down a bunch of stairs and you know, the more we have to go down, the more we have to go up lol.  Later coming back to the flat, I did the task of counting the stairs. The result was 140 stairs and we went up and down at least 3 times a day.  (Good for the bum and for the legs, isn’t it?  No. Hahaha.  In the end, we felt like we were going to die. :)) Plus at night, on our way to home, we saw odd people around. I would recommend that you stay close to “av. liberdade” or in “Oriente”.


We visited “Oriente”. by the way, you can go by metro. It is the modern part of Lisbon and it is very nice.  Over there, you can ride in the cable car and see a panoramic view of that part of the city.  Also, the metro station is beautiful, and basically everything in Oriente as well.

After a walk during the day in Oriente, we returned to downtown we saw the popular cable car, but we could not ride it because of there were no routes close to our flat. 😦 Again 140 stairs were waiting for us. 😦

After a good rest, early in the next morning we decided to be healthier and brave and we took a walk for approximately 20 km, from downtown until Belem Tower. (Yeah, my boyfriend wanted to kill me!) However, along the way to Belem tower, we could see many things like the market, the 25th of April bridge (here, you can feel like you are in San Francisco), Padrão dos Descobrimentos, museums, and so on. It is a pretty good walk with many things to do.

In any case, we were on our last legs when finally we arrived at that tower! We just wanted to lie on the floor and sleep until the next day in order to appreciate that famous tower!


We went to Rossio station and from there we took the train to Sintra (ticket round trip 5 euros).  We arrived around 12 pm, It was a shame because the castles close at 5 pm, so we didn’t have a lot of time, that’s why my recommendation is to go there early in the morning.

Sintra is a town with many castles and it can be visited by yourself easily.  The road from the train station to downtown is around 10 minutes by foot. When you are downtown you have two options: take a tuk-tuk (5 Eur one way, it is an adventure lol!) or take a bus (route 434 for 5,50 Eur one way).

We took the bus to go to Palacio da Pena and on the way back down we took a tuk-tuk.   (It was a crazy little adventure, we felt like would fly out at any time from the tuk-tuk. hahaha.)  After having been to Sintra, we realized that the best way to enjoy the castles is to go to Palacio da Pena (for us it was the most beautiful castle in Sintra- cost: 11,50 Eur), then to go by foot to Palacio dos Moros and then to walk using the pathway of the palace until you return to downtown. When you reach downtown you can go by foot until Palacio da Regaleira (the only good thing that it has is the inverted tower – cost 6 Eur).

After our long afternoon in Sintra, we returned to Lisbon and we concluded that 5 days in Lisbon was more than enough and we wanted a new experience, so the next day we decided to leave Portugal.

Eager to leave, we called a taxi to go to the train station.  The taxi driver was super friendly, he helped us with our mountain of suitcases and chatted all the way with us mostly in Portuguese.  He was very kind trying to help me to improve my Portuguese 🙂  By the end, we were getting on well and, when said goodbye, to my surprise he gave me two kisses, one on each cheek. Muak and muak! Hahaha.  As it turned out, not everyone was so unfriendly.  🙂

Enjoy every trip, every moment and be happy always and remember to see my 8 tips for amazing travels.

Cristina out.


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