Scandalized in Budapest!

Budapest isn’t like any other city that I have known.  When I arrived, I was very surprised because it is like a fairytale.  I felt that I was part of a children’s story hahaha.


Everything in Budapest is well situated: the impressive parliament that almost you can see from everywhere in the city, the chain bridge, fisherman’s bastion, the trees, the buildings! OMG, such a beautiful city!  But I will stop here because the internet has tons of information about Budapest and I don’t want you to get bored 🙂 And also, this post it is about how I went from feeling violated to taking “everything” in stride. 🤔

If you didn’t know, Budapest is well known as “city of baths”. So in my time there, I wanted to spend part of my free time in the swimming pool, spa, baths, etc.  Well, in everything that had water hahaha.  After a couple days, I decided to buy a membership in a pool complex.

My first day in the pool was almost perfect, except that I kicked a man’s face. (I swear! It wasn’t my fault. I don’t have eyes on my feet! lol.)

And then I decided to go to the shower . . . . (I like to take a shower after swimming because you know my dear reader we need to take care of our skin and hair hehe 💆).

In the shower, I had all the stalls to myself and I chose the last one.  There were no curtains or doors covering the stalls but it was fine since I was by myself.  So I was there taking my shower, very happy with hot water; you know, enjoying my “me time”.


Then suddenly, someone went to the shower opposite of mine in her “birthday suit” exactly as God brought her to the world 😱 OMG!!! Are you kidding me? – there are like 20 more stalls so why did you choose the one directly opposite mine?! hahaha.  I continuously thought: what am I gonna do? (Meanwhile, I was just watching the back wall – awkward moment hahaha).  I felt so violated!

Then, a few minutes later another girl came to me while I was in the stall and started talking.  I almost died! I wasn’t prepared to talk with someone while I was taking a shower.  Anyway, she only wanted some shampoo. Below you can see my reaction:


I know this story could be an exaggeration, but, in my country, we are very shy or chaste. In public bathrooms, every single shower stall has its own door, and being seen in one’s “birthday suit” is a taboo. So, imagine my dear reader my shock when people in their birthday suit are walking around … it was so awkward, I didn’t know where to look, or even what to do.   I just walked quickly and looked at the floor.

I know naked people are normal however I grow up with a different culture, for many people to be naked is art even it is an expression of perfection, but I am not Michelangelo haha haha haha and I don’t know anything about this art. OMG!!! I am so old-fashioned.

I think, after many times practicing swimming in the complex I got used to the freedom about the body so ……


ok, ok, ok, that was too much! lol. I used to learn to see this behavior normal but I will continue taking shower in public spaces with my swimsuit on! and yes I do not feel violated anymore. I love their culture and I really love Budapest.

Pd: being naked make you feel free! hahaha

Cristina out.


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